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Coordinator of School Data Management Services

Please note: This employer does NOT allow international applicants

Summary Information:
Employer: Cree School Board/Commission Scolaire Crie
Position Type: Administrative/Support
Categories: Program Coordinator
Program Specialist
School / Org: Cree School Board
Location: Quebec
FTE: see details
No. of Positions: 1
Reference #: MIS-3271
Posting Date: Friday, 06 July 2018
Closing Date: Thursday, 19 July 2018

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Priority shall be given to qualified Cree Beneficiaries


Coordinator of School Data Management Services - Office of School Operations




Mistissini - Administrative Centre


Under the direct supervision of the Director of School Operations, the occupation of the Coordinator of School Data Management entails the performance of duties required for the coordination, supervision, evaluation, implementation of one or more programs and activities pertaining to the administration of the school data management services of the school board.


This position includes in particular the following responsibilities. The candidate will be expected to:

Participate in developing the objectives and strategies of the school board dealing with school data management systems and services for which the incumbent is responsible and, where applicable, collaborate with other staff members in determining the annual action plan.

Participate in developing policies relating to school data management systems and services.

Participate in planning and coordinating the implementation, development, review, and maintenance; proper and secure functional use and control of school data management system tools of the school board.

Participate in putting in place an appropriate information monitoring mechanism to analyse the needs of the organization in regards to the school data management system and services.

To control the quality of the various operations relating to the declaration of students clientele carried out in the Charlemagne system.

Prepare, control and implement the schedule of Operations dealing with School Organization, Declaration of Attendance, MEES Calendar of Operations including (Exam registration, Transmission of Marks, MEES bilan des opérations with Charlemagne).

Participate in negotiating service agreements with suppliers (GRICS, etc) and users outside of the school board pertaining to the school data management systems and services and ensure that the services provided are compatible with the overall Cree School Board technology infrastructure and organization goals and objectives.

Ensure, where applicable, the integration of computerized school data management systems into the pedagogical sector of the organization.

Organize training for staff on the use of data management tools.

Assist, if necessary, the administrators of the pedagogical sector of the school board.

Support, as requested, the administrators of the pedagogical sector of the school board by providing them with pertinent information regarding all aspects of the school data management information systems and services.

Collaborate with other staff members in preparing the staffing plan and in allocating the budget data management sub-department.

Participate in selecting the staff.

Supervise and evaluate the staff under his responsibility.

Participate in developing and updating departmental information.

Perform any other duties assigned by the Director of School Operations.


Undergraduate degree in a relevant field of study;

At least five (5) years of relevant experience;

Knowledge and experience in data management, ideally in a school setting;

Ability to present graphical data and apply statistical analyses to data.

Knowledge of the MEES programs and policies;

Bilingual, French and English;

Knowledge of Cree is an asset;

Willingness to travel.


Regular Full-Time
35 hours/week.


Annual Salary:
$81,527.00 to $108,699.00

Northern Allowance:
$ 8, 318.00 – $ 13, 307.00


As soon as possible

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